birds that’ll believe anything. seagullible. haha nice. don’t follow for more

easter is fucking disgusting

I asked a German exchange student about some of the vocab that our German teacher made us learn and her response was ‘Bluse? What the hell, no one says Bluse. Just say das Hemd like a normal person.’ ‘No one rides Mopeds your teacher is lying.’ and ‘Super Klasse sounds like something an old person would say.”

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
Ernest Hemingway (via feellng)


i still cant believe the easter bunny died for our sins

ARTIST: Lou Reed
TRACK: Perfect Day
ALBUM: Transformer

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I will miss those little houses; Nuuk, Greenland

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ARTIST: Alexandra Rubner
TRACK: An die Musik
ALBUM: Moonrise Kingdom


The King walked in any weather - Alexandre Benois, 1898


Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective

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the 9th circle of hell is actually the bohemian section of forever 21


I want to live in an animal crossing game and never come back ever

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ARTIST: The Arcade Fire
TRACK: My Heart Is An Apple (live)
ALBUM: Live @ Postbahnhof, Berlin 5/20/05

The Arcade Fire/ My Heart Is An Apple/  Postbahnhof, Berlin 2005

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