Felix Labisse, Mantes religieuses, 1943

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i saw the first bonafide fireflies of my life last night. i had no idea they blinked like that.


german proverbs translated word for word.


On the edge of experience, Wanda Koop



Solitude at Filefjell (by Atle Rønningen)

Everything in PA is older than my state. I made a joke about a skeleton falling out of a tree and onto someone’s grannie in Gettysburg, but my dad said that was insensitive. The base in Carlisle has a little graveyard for all the Native American boys they tried to assimilate that died of disease, and that is pretty sad.


Raoul Dufy

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Wanda Koop

keeping my eyes peeled for Shrute Farms


whenever you think i’m listening to you i’m actually looking at you and thinking about arcade fire